Christmas Alphabet

Christmas Alphabet U

September 02, 2022 Wayne Clarke Season 1 Episode 21
Christmas Alphabet
Christmas Alphabet U
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Episode U of The Christmas Alphabet Podcast.

Christmas Alphabet  is where we do Christmas all year round, in alphabetical order.
Every two weeks we look at Christmas music, nostalgia and history, and all the feels, all starting with one letter of the alphabet.
The podcast is written and hosted by Wayne -  an author, broadcaster and Baptist pastor in Manchester, UK.

This time we look at Christmas starting with the letter U.
We have a underwhelming undertaking of Us, including Christmas in Ukraine, Ugly Sweaters (Christmas jumpers) and Up Helly Aa, and music including Up on the Housetop, Underneath the Tree and Unto us a Boy in Born.

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Christmas in Ukraine
Ugly Sweaters, Christmas Jumpers
Up Helly Aa
Up on the Housetop
Underneath the Tree
Other U songs
Unto Us a Boy Is Born